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Thanks so much for yesterday. It was my first ever marathon and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. Great weather, great marshalls, great vibe!    I must admit, I found the hills quite challenging, and it took me a while (4.51), but it's given me an incentive to try and better my time if I ever do another!
If you're interested, I've written a blurb about my experiences here:  http://lastminuterunner.com/marathon-dream-fulfilled/
Oh - and as a newbie runner, I've started a Facebook Page. Would love you to join and give me advice if you have time!: http://www.facebook.com/lastminuterunner
Thanks so much to all and everyone involved.
Amazing day

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to everyone involved, it’s a lovely race (Even if I went off to fast and fell apart before the end ), and very well organised.

Thanks to all the volunteers who gave their time to make the Luton Marathon so successful.
I'd like to say enjoyable but that would be a bit of an over-statement but that was entirely down to my fitness rather than anything your team could have done.
The efforts of everyone en-route, at the desks and behind the scenes is very much appreciated.
Dave Lindsay

Dear Organisers and all helpers,
Many thanks for an enjoyable race today, thought it was superbly organised and all the helpers and volunteers were great.
Thank you very much!
Best wishes,
Sam O'Neill

Just wanted to drop a quick thank you e-mail to all who made yesterday such a top event. I really was not expecting much from a three lap Marathon around "Luton" but the race was fabulous-great organisation, top marshalls especially those by Macdonalds. I love the medal and the hat is a great idea.My only negative would be please give bottled water I for one would pay extra. Once again thank you see you in 2013.
John Hanson

Just like to say thankyou to all the Marshalls who gave up thier valuable time to make the Luton Marathon such a success, thankyou. Inaddition I would also like to thank Adrianne (sorry if iv'e spelt your name incorrectly) for carrying me on the marathon, the result of which I gained a PB of 3hrs and 33mins. Compared to last year this is an improvement of 15mins. Look forward in seeing you all Monday for a Hobble recovery run.
Mark Sutton

A big thank you to all the organisers and marshalls for todays race. It all went very smoothly, as usual. I had friends from Saffron Walden and London, who were running the race for the first time. They were most impressed and have vowed to return, after spreading the word at their respective clubs.
Adrian Moore

Thanks for a superb event today. It was my first time at Luton and it was one of the most enjoyable marathons I've done - organised by runners for runners. I will recommend it to others at my club. Particular thanks to all the uniformly cheerful and encouraging marshalls - so good of you to give up your day.
Chris Brown

Thank you to all the organisers and volunteers for an excellent event, you even organised perfect weather!
Chris Leech

I travelled all the way down from Lancashire to run Luton, having endured the disappointment of NYC being cancelled. Can I say a big thank you to all the event organisers, the friendly marshals and to the weather for allowing me to run this year after all my training. However, if I ever see that stretch of the A6 again, it will be too soon!
Many many thanks - Sacha

I would just like to thank everyone involved in organising and running the Luton Marathon yesterday. Everything ran very smoothly from pre-start to post finish, so congratulations to all. I've run London twice but I think I enjoyed this just as much if not more, especially for the country scenary and the glorious weather may have helped. There were plenty of friendly marshalls, well organised water stations, distance markers for the whole route, direction signs and plenty of support to. As runners I don't think we could ask for more and I got a PB with a time under 4 hours (just), so a great day all in all.
David Maitland-Wood

This was the 4th time I've ran this race and it has got better each time. The weather helped but the course is very scenic and the 3 laps and many marshalls/spectators helped. The marshalls were still saying well done after the ace en-route back to the Centre. The organisation was great and the goody bag/medal also very good. The relay is also ran well in conjunction with the marathon and offers a 'drop out' point for struggling marathoners. It was also good to get the time (by text). This is also very affordableand worth the long trip.
Paul A Davies

Thought I email to say thank you for the excellent Luton marathon yesterday.
Organisation was fantastic, everybody was so helpful as well. 
For me the Luton Marathon is a special event as I grew up at Marsh Farm, walking past my old house at Wauluds Bank where I grew up and running pass my old Junior and Infant school as well, memories were flooding back since I left Luton 25 years ago.
Leaving yesterday  with a PB time was a nice bonus for me as well. 
Hope to see you again next year. 
Kind Regards. 
Sunjay Bhogal Striders of Croydon AC.


This is the 3rd time I've ran the Luton Marathon and it was by far the best.
The weather helped of course, but the overall organisation was great. Moving this race 3 weeks early was a masterstroke, however today's weather is bad so I suppose it's the luck of the draw.
The marshals were encouraging and well rehearsed in what they had to do.
The drinks stations were plentiful and also encouraging. It was great to have the hi-5 at the 2nd tables so every runner knew what to do.
The start was prompt and well set up with estimated time boards.
The course is very scenic with not too many hills.
The 'goody' bags were good and the medals are great.
The relay race didn't impede on the marathon and was also well organised.
I'll be posting a positive review on Runners World web-site.
From a personal point of view I managed 9th, but I reduced my time to 2h 49 (from 2.58 & 2.56 in previous years).
I look forward to it next year.
Paul A Davies
Centurians RC

Hello, can you please pass on my thanks to all the marshals and helpers on
the day of the Luton Marathon this year.  All gave great encouragement en
route!.  Can you please also thank in general the marshal who actually found
where I parked my car! This was above the call of duty, but greatly
Thanks again
Iain Singer
Vice Captain Blyth Running Club

Just like to say thank you very much to you & your team for a very well
organised Luton Marathan & Relay event yesterday.  This was the first
year me & my friends took part, and really enjoyed the whole experience.
Garden City Runners

Please pass on my thanks to everybody involved in organising and marshalling
at the Luton Marathon today.
It was a fantastic event; keep up the good work I will be back in 2012.
Mark Carwardine

Hi Elaine thanks for getting me in yesterday. I really appreciate it and
must say it was one of the slickest marathons I've run- and I've run
more than 50. I will definitely be back!

Many thanks to the organisers and volunteers for putting on a great event today. Especially bouncing back after last years disappointment. The pavement outside Nisa was actually a bonus as we had our own runners lane. I found the course well marshaled and well supported. Was even a nice surprise to have a clock and pa at the finish. I'm looking forward to finding out how I placed in the Beds Champs when they update their site. Thanks again and I look forward to racing at your events again.
Stephen Richardson

I'd just like to thank the organisers and marshalls for putting on a great race yesterday. And what a bonus with the weather!!!Thanks again and very best wishes, Adrian Moore

Just finished the 2011 marathon and wanted to say thanks to all the organisers,administrators, marshals, ambulance staff, police and all other volunteers. So good of you to help out.
Kevin Day


Just to say, thank you all so much for a fantastic day, you all did extremely well. For us it's just part of a grueling year of races, but one that is so very special and dear to us. Thanks to all who have taken endless hours to make it happen, we'll be back next year no doubt about it. I (Mick) have VAST experience of road racing with and without Phillip, in my honest opinion, just what you could do to improve the event from WHERE  and AS it is now I really do not have any idea. Thank you kindly for having us back to enjoy the sport that we live for and cherish. Sincerely in sport, Mick  

A brief note to congratulate you and the team for a well organised
marathon and especially excellent marshalling .I know it must have
been very chilly for them -but they did a great job.
Thanks and best wishes Tess Gallagher I ran Luton on Sunday and achieved my PB goal of sub four hours!!
The race was well organised and efficiently run – many thanks to you
and the team of marshals and everyone that contributed - a job well
done – you can all be proud.
The marshals gave good support and encouragement on a cold and blustery
but sunny day.

Thanks again
st regards
Duncan MacArthur
Number 230 – Hogweed Trotters

Thank you  for a well organised and enjoyable event even for the stragglers
at the back like me.  Please thank the marshals who were friendly and
constantly encouraging, even when they had been out for hours. I am
delighted for  the organising committee that the weather was so kind after
last year's problems.  Only one thing: could you please choose a day when it
is not so windy.
Well done and I look forward to the 2010 race.
Brian Feldman
Race no. 789

Just wanted to thank you and your team for a great event. Lovely route,
enthusiastic (if rather chilly?) marshalls and well organised. Very many thanks.
You even managed to provide almost perfect weather! Marathon next time...?
Please pass my thanks to all involved.
Sally Hewison
B129 (Edmonton Running Club)

Dear all,
Very many thanks for an enjoyable race today.
The marshalls were so supportive, it made all the difference, especially the
lovely lady on the corner just after the church who was particularly vocal to us ladies.
Tough course, good challenge.
The showers were VERY hot and no door on one of the toilets, lucky us runners
are not a modest bunch!
No start mat so not so fair on us who started near the back? But it did not take
so long to get to the start so not such a problem really.
Thanks again, all of us from Norwich had a great race.
Philippa Rudd


(Race cancelled due to a motor car on its roof completely blocking the road into Streatley from the A6).

I am sure you have been bombarded with mails but just to say thank you to the supportive marshalls/volunteers, I realise it must have been a really hard decision and just as disappointing for you as for us.  Obviously it could not be helped, and I very much look forward to next year with Luton remaining one of my favourite races, and I hope other people have been understanding of this unfortunate situation
Thanks Lisa Hale 

Just a message from Watford Joggers to say we all feel for you.
I was standing with the crowds and there wasn't a person who did not understand and think that you did the right
thing. We all know that if there was anything that you could have done, then you would have.
Your event is fantastic and your efforts really are recognised and appreciated.
We look forward to 2009.
Best Regards  Dave DIXON

I would like to say thank you for all your hard work in preparation for staging the event today.  I hope the people in the accident were ok as it is a dreadful thing to happen at any time let alone so close to Christmas.
With regards my entry fee, please donate to the nominated charity for the race, it would feel wrong to have it refunded in such circumstances.
Thanks again for what looked to be a superb event in which I have no hesitation in entering next year.
Best wishes and a wonderful Christmas to you both and your families. Nicki Aitken (658)

I am one of the organisers of the Abingdon Marathon.
Having heard of  the unfortunate cancellation of todays race I write to offer my support. I feel for you as I understand the immense amount of work that goes into a marathon. From what I have read of the incident we would have made the same decision under the circumstances.
Well done to you and your team. Keep up the good work and I hope the race goes ahead next year.
Best regards, Paul Harris Abingdon Marathon Committee 

I am exceedingly sorry for all connected with the Luton Marathon that today's race had to be cancelled to reasons beyond the organisers' control.
The Luton Marathon is a great race and I spoke to people that had travelled a long way to be at the race such is the reputation it has.
I'd like to register my thanks to all those that organised the race, were involved in setting it up and ultimately for dismantling it.
I wish you better luck next year and personally hope to be back again.
Best wishes Terry Vine

Stuart Henderson, runner number 588
Please donate my entry fee to The Pasque Hospice

It's a shame the race had to be cancelled. It must have been a hard decision to make, but it was the right one.
Congratulations on a wise decision.
I certainly would not expect a refund of a part entry fee.
I would hope no runners would wish a refund.
Regards David Heron race No 673 Tring RC

please donate my race entry fee to the Hospice
Heather Martingell – number 316
Many thanks for everyone’s efforts involved.

Just to say please take my third of the marathon relay fee (team 3) for the hospice.  I'm sure that the other two will say the same.  The person whose name our entry was in is Mike Gray and it was one of the Runners Arms teams.
Also to add my voice to those saying thank you for all your hard work.  I can't imagine how you and the other organisers must feeling to see it all go wrong at the very last minute.  You took a difficult decision, but the right one, and good on you.
No need to reply, I should imagine you've got enough on your plate already.
All the very best and see you next year 
Vicky Berry

I would like to say thank you for all your hard work in preparation for staging the event today.  I hope the people in the accident were ok as it is a dreadful thing to happen at any time let alone so close to Christmas.
With regards my entry fee, please donate to the nominated charity for the race, it would feel wrong to have it refunded in such circumstances.
Thanks again for what looked to be a superb event in which I have no hesitation in entering next year.
Best wishes and a wonderful Christmas to you both and your families.
Nicki Aitken (658)

Please, if possible and convenient from an admin. point of view, can you transfer my entry fee refund to the Pasque Hospice?
As I imagine you were, I was extremely disappointed when the race was cancelled.  It was to be my first (and last) marathon, raising money for Parkinson's - a disease which has afflicted my father. 
Having organised national rugby events, I know how difficult it is to make these sorts of decisions that affect people's hopes and aspirations as well as dealing with their reactions.  Thank you for keeping us so well informed in what must have been a very tricky and unplanned situation, as well as having the courage of your convictions.
Thank you for the amount of time and effort you put in.  It got me fit and dreaming for a few months of my life - and all the best for next year!
Andy Bianchi

  Just wanted to say that, although disappointed to travel from Norwich and the race be cancelled, I fully understand your reasons and support your difficult decision. Pleased to hear nobody hurt. If the same thing had happened an hour later, there might have been serious injuries.
Best wishes, Martin Auger (Dr)

I was among many runners who turned up for the Luton Marathon yesterday. Unlike previous times I have run this event, I had my partner and two young children with me for support. We had made an early start to arrive at the race venue in good time.
It was very disappointing when, only five minutes from the planned start time, we were advised of an overturned car blocking the road. Having waited for a further hour in the hall, it was clear the race would not be going ahead and your subsequent announcement confirmed this.
I’m sure, like most Race Organisers, you had a risk assessment for the event and that would have covered the effects of bad weather (being a December event when the likelihood of snow and ice is far greater). I’m sure your risk assessment covered the possible hazards of staging the event, the likelihood of that occurring, the potential consequences and the mitigation measures. The photographs show the overturned car blocking the road, but what is equally clear is the unobstructed footpath through which runners could have been guided. It would have been easy to separate the road and the footpath by barrier tape and place marshalls further down the road to warn runners of the approaching hazard.  The recovery operation could have been delayed until the first lap of runners had passed and before the arrival of the leaders in the second lap.
As things turned out, the road was cleared fairly quickly. A close friend of mine, and a fellow marathon entrant, jogged round the course immediately after the cancellation announcement and said the road was clear by this time.
I appreciate you have to make decisions on the information you have at the time, but the consequences of your decision meant huge inconvenience and disappointment to many runners and their supporters who had made the effort to turn up for the event in bitterly cold conditions (which we had been forewarned several days earlier). Would it not have been possible to place a four hour cut-off time and ask runners not reaching the end of lap 2 by 2 hours 40 mins to withdraw or continue at their own risk?.
I have run 84 marathons to date and this is the first time an event has been cancelled “on the day”. It would have been acceptable to cancel the race the day before (having reviewed the weather forecast) but the decision to go ahead and allow runners and supporters to make their way to the venue should surely have been followed through by delivering the race as planned?.
Your offer to refund the race entry fee is very gracious, but it does not compensate the runners for whom months of preparation and a valuable Sunday just before Christmas have now been wasted.
If the event is going ahead next year, would it not be more sensible to avoid the winter months when situations such as this are far more likely?
Regards John Tyler Havering 90 Joggers

Thanks for the honest and full update on the Luton Marathon website - it was a terribly tough decision that you had to make, and even though I am very disappointed not to have run, it was 100% the right decision to put our safety about our mad desire to run around in a circle three times in freezing temperatures.  As they say, there are always other races.
Your suggestion to donate entry fees to the Pasque Hospice is a great one as they are a wonderful charity who have helped the families of many of my friends.  Please could you arrange for my entry fee to be forwarded to them. 
Once again thanks for making the difficult but best decision.  And I look forward to seeing you all next year (where I won't hopefully have a cold).
Caroline Doyle Race number 358

Please donate my entry fee to the hospice. I think you made a very brave and correct decision in abandoning the race. I hope next years event is a success.
Michael Randall

Race number 632 (I think might be 623)First of all may I say how sorry I was not that I couldn't run but for all the organisers involved in the race.   As a race organiser myself having had to cancel races at the last minute (due to the foot and mouth crisis mainly) I know what an awful experience it can be.  I was particularly upset to hear the first thing called out to you was to have our money back!   You may remember me as the runner who came up to shake your hand straight after that.   I know also the problem of the financial costs incurred up front if a race has to be cancelled so I had suggested to my fellow club members at the race that we wouldn't ask for our entry fee back as who knows it may be the last one you could afford to run if everyone demands it back.   However I see that you are suggesting we can carry it forward for next years entry and providing your finances will stand it I'd be happy to do that - otherwise keep my fee.      Once again well done to all involved in the race
Syd Wheeler (Running No. 787)
President Chepstow Harriers

It’s a pleasure to donate to this good cause.
Good luck next year. Philip

Hi – was very disappointed not to be able to run – was to be my first marathon – but there will be another.
Shame it had to be abandoned but I support the hard decision you had to make 100%. Thanks to you and all the helpers / volunteers / marshals etc etc for all their hard work – I’m sure the list of people to thank goes on and on!
Wasn’t expecting to get the entry fee back – that’s very generous – but I’m happy for it to be used for the Pasque Hospice instead.
Hopefully you have a way of recovering some of your costs and giving the charity the balance as per the original plan?
Just one question – what on earth do you do with, what must there be, 1400 medals? Did you have the foresight to have a medal which can be used next year instead just by changing the ribbon? Well done if you did.
Thanks again Graham Harper

Please donate my entry to the Luton Pasque hospice.
I look forward to taking part next year.
Many Thanks Paula Nicol

Assuming you are able to recoup your losses from insurance please donate my refund to the Pasque hospice.
If you cannot recoup your losses then please keep the money to cover the costs that you must have incurred setting up the event.
Regards, Martijn Offenberg

Sorry that the race had to be cancelled; understandable; many thanks for organising; I will be back!
Please pass my race fee to the Pasque Hospice. My race number was 630.
Regards / thanks  Mark Braley

Hi I was one of the runner yesterday and I would like donate my entry fee.
It was a great shame that the run was cancelled but the circumstances required this action.
I am an organiser of a small 400 runner 10, 5k fun run and would have taken the same decision in similar circumstances.
As an affected runner I believe you kept us sufficiently updated and the facilities in the hall made waiting quite bearable.
I am really sorry how things turned out. It may be worth you sending an email quite quickly to runners that they could reply YES to if they wish to donate their fees or defer entry. Folks are lazy sometimes and this may prompt more to donate.
The run was really well organised. I will enter again next year - and bring some crampons just incase ;-)
Kevin Altria

Just to let you know that although I was disappointed not to run yesterday, I fully understand and support your decision to abandon the race.
Thank you to everyone involved for braving the elements and being there for us crazy runners.
Please accept my entry fee as a donation to the Pasque charity or to ensure the club is not out of pocket as a result of the cancellation.
I left shortly after the announcement as I had to get back to Nottingham, but have seen on the RW forum mention of a race t-shirt (guessing the finisher's t-shirt).
Is this available to buy?
This ends a disappointing running year for me (had to retire from Dublin at 20 miles with stomach pain) I'll definitely be joining you next year!
All the very best Robin.

Thank you for the detailed explanation of what wrong yesterday, and of course the photo says it all. My best wishes to all concerned. Please give my race entry to the hospice, as someone who cared for his seriously disabled daughter for many years, I understand that the work of such a hospice puts everything else in context. 
Best wishes  Paul Field

Firstly, entirely the right decision yesterday. Well done.
Please pass my entry fee to charity.
Our concern was that if refunds were made, the event would be bankrupted! - as you'll have paid for the venue, Police etc.
See you next year. Regards  Paul Richards

You have my 100% sympathy and support to the abandonment of yesterdays race. You were placed in an invidious position and whilst I am disappointed not to have raced I completely understand why you took the action you did.
I went home, skidding on black ice even at mid-day, and ran for a few hours along my local canal where conditions remained poor. Runners would have been taking significantly higher risk had they persevered along re-freezing country lanes in semi-light. Tough call for you to make but all runners are safe and well this morning and can plan their race agendas forward with new challenges and mercifully intact limbs. The same can presumably be said for the car driver although he will not be featuring on my Christmas card list...
Thanks for your courageous and totally correct decision and my appreciation to all your volunteers on the day who doubtless share the disappointment of us all in not running.
I would be most grateful if you could 'commute' my 2008 entry fee to next years' event and look forward to rejoining the start line again next December.
Sincerely,  David.

As you can imagine I like all the other competitors was extremely disappointed that the event had to be called off. However I only had to travel back to Newport Pagnell so made the most of the day and went out for a two hour run. I had raised alot of money for two very good causes and now managed to get an entry for the Bedford Harriers Half Marathon next weekend so I'm fairly confident my sponsors will stand by me.
I have seen via the website the overturned car so can see the dilemma that faced you and I'm sure the right decision was taken.
Please forward my entry fee to Keech Cottage as we are sponsors of them ourselves in our office.
I hope to see you in 2009 Peter Spinelli, No 934

Sorry not to have been able to run yesterday, but fully understand the reasons. Please keep my entry fee: 
Clare Bonnick - Race No 380.

Please forward my entry to the Pasque Hospice.
Karl Syson 408.
Hopefully I'll be back next year!!

Please pass my entry over to next years race, i will be 74 yrs then so hope i am OK, the joking attitude of the runners was as you say a good advert for us and well done to all committee for a hard job,  Marshall Milton Keynes AC

I’d like to say that I agree with the decision to cancel Sunday’s race.  It couldn’t have been easy, but it was the correct and responsible thing to do.
A number of people, including myself, ran a lap of the course at midday and it was still slippery in places especially so at Streatly.  A few people even ran the full 3 laps as they were running for charity!
I would like to donate my race entry to the Pasque Hospice, they shouldn’t be the ones to lose out (race number 451, Fu-Lok Cheung)

Can you donate my entry cost to your charity (race number 821). 
Did indeed a bottle get thrown at you when the announcement to cancel was made? Dreadful.
It must have been a hard decision.  In honesty though, I do feel that the '2 lap' alternative posed on the runnersworld Luton forum would have been more well received by everyone.  But, it is always easier to make such retrospective suggestions.
Best wishes, Andy.

Just like to thank all the people involved in organizing this race I have had some involvement in staging a race myself and I know how much time and effort is needed. You must be as frustrated as the runners.
You made the right call, difficult as it was.
I’m happy for my entry fee to go to the charity or to the event to cover costs.
Well done, see you next year

Just a note to say "bad luck" today.  I think we have to be thankful that no one was hurt in the accident; also that it did not happen during the race, which could have been fatal - that's the sort of thing that makes me most worry when I am a Road Race Director.
It's a shame for you and your helpers after all those months of hard work.  I don't think a refund is due, the costs have been incurred anyway.  If there is something in the kitty then let the hospice have it.
Best regards Colin Braybrook.

Two things- please donate my entry fee to the Hospice. My race number was 672.
Secondly, just to let you know how sorry I was that you had to cancel the race yesterday. In a sense it was an easy decision, since you had no other choice under those circumstances. After all the hard work that you and the other organisers put in, especially trying to anticipate every eventuality, to have it scuppered at the last minute must be so disappointing. I suppose that we should be grateful that the car didn’t come to grief during the race.
Anyway, very best wishes Dave, and thanks for organising so many successful Luton Marathons. Thanks    Adrian Moore

I am sure you have been bombarded with mails but just to say thank you to the supportive marshalls/volunteers, I realise it must have been a really hard decision and just as disappointing for you as for us.  Obviously it could not be helped, and I very much look forward to next year with Luton remaining one of my favourite races, and I hope other people have been understanding of this unfortunate situation
Thanks  Lisa Hale

totally understand why the race had to be cancelled today, many thanks for keeping us informed as things went along. Thanks also to the volunteers who were inundated with people collecting goodie bags and their stuff all at once, some not very patiently! Cathy Lambert.

Thanks for putting your detailed explanation of today's events on the Website so quickly.
I am sure that all the runners were completely in sympathy with you - certainly the ones that I spoke to were.

These things happen from time to time.
I am sure that all will support you again next year.
Best wishes  John Dawson 100 Marathon Club

I haven't run in  your particular event, but heard about today's incident from a friend who travelled to the event
For what's it's worth I think you and your colleagues made absolutely the correct decision and I would like to think that the seasoned club athlete will also think the same thing, particular those involved in organising an event.
I hope todays unforeseen incident will not make you and your colleagues re-think about hosting the event in the future.
John Simmonds Hardley Runners

Thank you both to you and to an army of volunteers for all the
incredibly hard work you put in to preparing the race for us today. I am
devastated for you that a freak accident that you could have in no way
anticipated should bring your efforts to nought. I know that the
physical and emotional effort invested in a race by its organisers is as
great or even greater than that by the runners themselves. I think your
disappointment must be deeper than ours. I hope you are not too
discouraged and will be able to stage the event again in 2009 when I
look forward to coming back for another go. I have no hesitation in
waiving any refund and have encouraged my club-mates to do the same.
Best wishes,
Alan Hall (272)
Serpentine RC.

Dave ..please pass on my thoughts to your colleagues. I was of course really disappointed and at the time a bit frustrated that we could not have waited and then done even just one lap......however even at the time it was the race organisers I was feeling for most...and seeing the photo of the car I see that you were all in a really difficult situation and could not tell when the road would be clear for even one lap to be run.
I picked Luton cos the last one I did was too hot !...and this time in effect it was too cold ! Never mind..at least no one was injured and there will be other races.
All the best to you all, Sarah

Should have been more concerned about black ice!
The correct decision  to abandon the race was made but of course I’m sorry it was done. Perhaps with hindsight it should already have been apparent it was too dangerous to risk a collision between car driver and runner anyway.
Regards and I’ll be back next year, all being well.

You all did what you had to do thankyou all kindly for having us back at your event today Luton is a marathon that is close to my heart i'm as gutted for all of you I heard that someone when the annocentment was made through a bottle of water at you al - I'm sorry there's people oin our sport like that - even if it was frustration - it's out of order we are in a sport that we ache for and live for - it's given myself and my sick son something in life that just cannot be explained Running has bought me much fitness and extreme happiness i wish you all well i don't know what else to say take care al of you Kind regards mick ( phil says hi 5 )

Just thought...
..I would say I think the race organisers made the right decision. I was first legger on our relay and nearly froze me nuts off, but that was of no real cost. just walking back to the car was slippy enough at 11.30. Am sure there'll be a few moaners, don't let them get you down. Next year will be better. Maybe the wind and rain will return.
all the best
Mark Studdart Watford Joggers.

So sorry that the race had to be cancelled. Clearly your thoughts about our safety, and the additional time that the wonderful marshalls ( they really were great last year) would have been left out on the course were of utmost importance, and the decision was the right one
Would you please be so kind as to transfer my entry into next years marathon, which I will look forward to competing in.
You guys really never seem to get the good weather and luck that this race deserves
Kind Regards, Mark Hester (Race No. 242)

I’m sure I speak for many in expressing support for you all at the Luton Marathon. Yes – as runners we are of course disappointed having trained, etc - but in comparison to the heartache you must all feel, this is irrelevant.
Your handling of the events on the day was hugely professional, and I believe it took courage to make the decision that you did when you did – undoubtedly the correct decision. So thank you to the organising committee, and all those helpers who gave up their Sunday to no apparent avail. I’ve done the past two Luton Marathons, and have enjoyed them both (this would only have been my 4th Marathon, in fact).
So please pass my entry fee onto the Pasque Hospice, and I look forward to returning in 2009. We also have a charitable giving policy in Nexus Alpha, so if you let me have address details, I will post a cheque through by way of an additional small contribution to help make up for at least some of the lost funds.
Regards Patrick McDougall

I'm so sorry this happened, but especially feel for you and your team, as it was a very difficult decision to make. However, please pass on my thanks to all the dedicated volunteers, and thank you and your colleagues for all your hard work - I will definitely enter next year's event (this was to be my first Luton).
Please forward the appropriate amount of entry fee to charity etc. and Happy Xmas to you all....

Kind regards Katherine

Good effort yesterday, there was nothing you could do and everyone knew that.
Please donate my fee to the Pasque Hospice. My name is Jonathan Hall and my number was 744.
Hope you as organizers did not lose too much money.
See you next year.

Totally understand the decision to cancel had to be made.  Well done  for having the courage to make it. Jevon O'Neill

I am so sorry that you had to cancel the Luton Marathon. Thank you for the manner in which you dealt with the situation, and I believe you made the correct decision. Everyone I spoke to was in agreement that you should keep the money for your charity, or to help with the costs incurred.
Please donate my fee to your charity, or use it towards your costs as you feel appropriate.
My name is Carol Ann Plater - Thame Runners - Race number 210
I will be back next year.


Many thanks for all your efforts today from a fellow race director. Please pass on the thanks of London University and Bedford Harriers to your race team. It was a grim day to run, let alone stand out in the rain, wind and hail for a few hours.
Tony Dadd
Colworth Str1ders, Bedford Harriers & London University

Thanks to all the marshals, time keepers, recorders, St J. A. etc. They did a great job in some horrible weather.
3 Watford Joggers in Marathon 2 Pb's & a county medal?
4 teams all in under 4hours :)
Keep up the good work.
Colin Taylor
Watford Joggers

Many congratulations on a great race despite the weather. A special mention for all the Marshalls, who despite being cold and wet, were brilliant all the way round the course and kept us all going with their encouragment and smiles.
Paul Goozee

thankyou so much for letting us take part again
we had a wonderful run, was never in a trouble, as a matter of fact, the final lap i was in total control though i believe a few suffered
Mick ( Phil says HI )

I'd just like to extend my thanks to everyone involved in the planning, organising and helping out on the Luton Marathon.
Today was a great race despite the weather.  The marshals out on the course stayed cheerful and supportive despite the atrocious conditions and deserve all the thanks in the world.  Truly amazing.  Every single one had a smile for me and a word of encouragement.
Without people like this and people involved in races in other ways, the race scene would die out.
Terry Vine

A quick note of thanks for such an enjoyable and well organised race. I would just like to put down my congratulations to the marshalls for their fantastic support, enthusiasm and understanding, whilst they had it harder than us marathon runners of standing in that wind, rain and hale.
Wishing your team all the best,

Thank you to you and all your comrades for hosting yet another fantastic event. Next year if you could just screen off the road through Streatley to shield us from the wind... I have a request to make. I was pleased with my result although I though it was all over after getting hit with cramp after only 11 miles and had to pull up, I managed to get it to go away and carry on to finish in 3:19. This means of course, that I will have to come back next year and see what i can do cramp - free. Like most athletes, I didn't do it on my own, I had a coach and partner. I would like to thank her and wondered if there was a spare medal I could buy. I plan to have it engraved on the back with something like 'earned by Emma Bayliss for coaching and supporting runner 459' I know you'll have a huge list of emails, but if this is possible I would be grateful.And see you next year. DaveWatford Joggers

Many thanks for organising an excellent race yesterday. I have taken part in a number of races but felt that yesterday's event was particularly good.  It was very well organised, the drink stations were frequent and well-manned, the marshals were friendly and the traffic-control was excellent.  Thank you to the organisers and all the marshals. Paul

Thanks very much for all of the hard work that went into organising yesterdays race. it was the hardest one yet for me (third year on the trot).
All of the organisers and helpers did a great job in conditions that were horrendous.  Hope there were no serious problems.
And once again many thanks
Paul Stuart
Bedford Harriers

Once again many thanks for all your help yesterday, all our athletes seemed to enjoy the event despite the wind and rain. We may want to come back some time in the future but it will be a few years as we tend to move the police marathon around the country.
When you get a spare minute, a full set of Police results will be great.
In the meantime, once again many thanks
Ian E Campbell
Police Sport UK

Congratulations on a really well organised event yesterday. Four of us travelled down from Derby for the marathon and really enjoyed it, despite the weather. The 3 lap race route incorporating the relay event made it an interesting format and the additional runners seemed to help during the last few miles in the marathon. The marshals were excellent, giving encouragement to all the runners and were very helpful in a few places that became a bit slippery. It can’t have been easy marshalling for such a long time in the wet and windy conditions. I would like to make a complaint about the Men’s Team Prize though. My local running club, Shelton Striders came second with the first prize being awarded to Police UK who are presumably a national group of runners who may also be members of other of running clubs. I mentioned this to one of your organisers who suggested I contact you. I don’t want to make a big issue of this, but feel it’s something you should perhaps consider for next year. Also, looking at last year results, I notice that both the 100 Marathon Club and the Road Runners Club were not placed in the Men’s team results  but were listed separately at the bottom, presumably for this very reason. I realise it’s now too late to change the prizes that were awarded, but if you do consider an error has occurred we would appreciate your web site showing the correct result.
Thanks Roger Booth

Could I just pass on my thanks to the organisers of yesterday's race and particularly the marshalls for standing out in the terrible weather for five hours. Their support was very much appreciated, especially for the slower runners amongst us!
Best wishes,
Catriona Phipps

Firstly I would like to say thank you very much for an exceptional well organised and enjoyable (might not be quite the right word given the conditions) event. This was my first marathon and I found it extremely difficult but gained support from every marshal. They were brilliant and really kept me going. Unfortunately, in my haste to warm up and inability to walk up to the Rec centre I never picked up my finishers pack.  Is it possible to get a finishers t-shirt sent to me?  I'm more than happy to pay for postage etc. just let me know how much and the easiest way to get the money to you. Race number was 295 - Rob Glennie. Apologies for this but was a great personal achievement for me and am keen to keep every memento.
Great medal too - thank you,
Robert Glennie

A great Marathon,
Brillaint Marshalls (Thank you for your wonderful support)
Fantastic 'Goody bag'.
Just one recommdation for future Luton Marathons, please have 2 or more
Officials operating at the finishing line when checking all runners crossing the line,
especially when a group of runners cross the finishing line are a split second apart.
Many Thanks.  Karen Samuel

Many thanks for a very enjoyable race. Please pass on my best wishes to everyone concerned with the race and especially to those marshals who had to stand out in that heavy rain and gale force winds. Could you please amend the results to show that Team Latecomers  No 90,  were Leg A  Rachell Whittaker, Leg B  Richard Smith, Leg C  Chris Saunders. I did pass this information to one of your colleagues on the day but it appears not to have reached the results team. I hope to be back next year. Could you please ban people from wearing ipods.
Kind Regards
Richard Smith
Serpentine Running Club

Please can I take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the hard work put into the Luton Marathon at the weekend. Despite the weather conditions which made the course even more testing.  I entered as part of the Police Championships and was very sceptical aboutrunning three laps, however I was pleasently surprised and really enjoyed the course. I would also like tio take my hats off to all the support crews and marshalls that stood out in the rain, hail and wind for several hours to make the race work, at least I could keep moving to keep warm, what was nice was despite them being stuck there wet and cold they still continued to smile, clap and offer support.  I think sometimes as runners we forget all the hard work and back room set up and the fact that without these people races like this would not happen.  So a great big thank you to all those people. Overall I was very impressed with the race as a whole the start and finish area were great especially as my young son was able to go swimming while I was running and then play in the park until I finished. I will seriously consider schedualling Luton in to my 2008 race plans Thansk again and all the best
Simon Newton

Just a quick e-mail to let you know how much I appreciated the extremely supportive attitude of all of the marshalls on the course on Sunday. The weather conditions were foul for much of the run and it must have been pretty awful for the marshalls, particularly the ones who were in the more isolated sections of the course, but ALL of them were upbeat, encouraging and cheerful. It really makes a difference when you are trying to remember why you started out in the first place.
M Henshall



Just wanted to say congratulations on a excellent and well organised race yesterday.  I did the 3 stage relay; ideal for the less experienced runner like me.
I will be back next year (for my sins!)
Becky Rideout

Thanks very much for all the hardwork that went into orgamising the race on Sunday. I enjoyed the run and the three laps certainly helped in planning a race strategy.  Running through the wind between 20 and 23 miles was only bearable knowing that there was a nice gentle downhill to finish.Thanks again for a super effort by Stopsley and Dunstable.
Richard Jones
Ampthill and Flitwick Fliers

Thanks for a well organised and enjoyable race yesterday despite the wind!
Kind regards
Darren Treadaway

I just to thank you for the marathon last Sunday and all the hard work that you and the race volunteers put into it.  I enjoyed it, though perhaps not the wind. Being from Harrogate I was surprised to see that someone only a few miles from here won the race!
Thank you again,
Patrick Brew
Harrogate Harriers and A.C.

Thank you once again for considering my late entry for the Luton Marathon. As you can guess I had a great day! I would also like to thank all your team of marshals who offered tremendous support around the course.
Thanks once again and l look forward to running the race next year!
Mark Bendall (111)
Horsforth Harriers

I did the Luton marathon this year and enjoyed it  - Cheers!! it appears I came 2nd in the Senior Men in the Herts AAA. a bit of a surprise to me
Mark Studdart


Thanks for another very well organised race!  I really enjoyed it yesterday, may be the fantastic weather played a role!
Thank you very much for you and your team, all the marshals, people at the ‘feeding’ tables – everybody who made this race possible.
I really appreciated all the effort!
And thank you very much for the beautiful medal – really a motivation to do the race.
Marié Gertenbach

Just a quick note to say "Thanks" for such a great day out yesterday.  The
organisation and marshalling were excellent as were the pre race
instructions and directions off the M1.  Water stations were excellent with
some nice scenic parts of the course.
Really enjoyed it and hope to be back next year.
Kevin Shannon

The whole event was fantastically organised, your marshals are BRILLIANT!! All of them were clapping and cheering us on – which is incredibly rare at races.  Usually the marshals give the odd clap – they rarely cheer, so please pass on my thanks to them, they really helped spur me on when my legs wanted to stop!
The race start and finish was clearly marked and easy to understand and the rec centre had excellent facilities that I was really grateful for.
Thank you so much for a brilliant day (and weather – don’t know how you pulled that one off, but well done!!).
Kelly Micklewright

Just a quick note to thank everyone involved with the organisation and running of the race. I thought it was superbly organised and in particular the marshalling was excellent. I especially would like to thank a marshal for their assistance at one of the roundabouts where a couple of chavs thought is would be funny to continue turning into the road I was crossing despite the marshal waving them to stop.

Parick Green

This message is on behalf of Colin Taylor and his club, Watford Joggers to thank all of your club members and other people who helped with the organisation and running of this year’s Luton Marathon and 3 stage marathon relay. Watford Joggers had 2 runners in the marathon and 5 teams in the relay. Everybody had a really good fun day out because the excellent organisation and facilities.  We would particularly like to thank the race marshals whose cheerful enthusiastic support right to the end made the day very special. We hope to be back next year.
Dave Dixon, Watford Joggers Club Kit Officer

Just a little line for squeezing me into Sundays event - as I said when we
met the course had more undules than I thought and the wheels nearly came
off at 23 miles but the event was well organised, the marshals were
plentiful and it didn't rain !!!! I will encourage others at our club to "do
Mandy Brown 26.2 RRC

I'd just like to thank you again for getting me a place in yesterdays marathon, (though I may not have been quite so grateful around mile 23 !!!!). I would have been disappointed to have not got in, not just because of the training, but for the fact I have run all of the Luton Marathons to date, and apologise for leaving it so late to enter. You must have been very pleased with the turnout- during the first lap, the course was heaving with runners- I certainly cannot remember so many competitors taking part before. Perfect weather too.

I did your race as my first marathon yesterday and found it a really
enjoyable and challenging experience. The course asked a lot of questions
with the inclines, but the marshalling was superb, and the feed stations
were well stocked. Top marks to all the organising team and the marshals. I
fully intend to be back for this next year, although perhaps only as a relay runner.
Congratulations again on a great race, which I hope to return to.
Gavin Savage (race no 685).

Please pass on my thanks to all the organisers, marshals, etc for such a wonderful event. I was very impressed with how it was all organised.
Joyce Winder

Just wanted to thank you and your crew for a very well organised and enjoyable event on Sunday. 
Colin Braybrook.

Firstly I would like to thank you for a very well organised event on Sunday and a very enjoyable day. Congratulations to all concerned.

Thank you very much for organising such a great race. I have just rated it highly on RW. It was a perfect day and value for money was excellent indeed. I shall tell all my fellow runners that Luton is well worth the trip. See you in 2006.
Kim Johnston

We all (4 Thame Runners) had a brilliant day, but Patsy particularly enjoyed it and hasn't stopped talking about it.
To make it extra special, us 3 ladies picked up the prize for 2nd ladies team (even though we were incredibly slow).
Carol Ann Plater